Workshop Library

Mon., August 17, 2020 – Workshop Release #3

Bridging the Gap Between Digital Marketing and Digital Retailing

Tarry Shebesta


Vehicle Location Data: From Risk Scoring to Recovery

Moderator: Stephen Nethery, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Client Services, DRN

Panelists:Chuck Blommaert, Vice President-Loan Servicing, Flagship Credit Acceptance;
Scott Smith, Vice President of Asset Recovery, Consumer Portfolio Services;
Daniel Reyes, Loan Operations Manager, AmeriDrive

Automotive Retailing in a Time of Disruption | The time to master Digital Retailing-is now!

Rusty West

Co-Founder & President
Market Scan

Drive Loss savings with Automated Loan Modifications

Carissa Robb

President and COO

Is Digital Retailing ‘Lead’ Generation or ‘Deal’ Generation

Pete MacInnis

Founder and CEO

AI in Auto Finance Collections and Servicing: A Roadmap to Success

Moderator: Mike Trainor, Vice President, S&A Communications

Panelists: Sean Bennett, VP of Business Technology, Servicing Solutions;
Nathan Anderson, Sales Director, Interactions

Mon., August 10, 2020 – Workshop Release #2

Vehicle Protection to Keep Fleets and People Moving Safely

Pratik Patel


Digitizing the Last Mile to Meet Evolving Customer Expectations

Alisha Buelt

Senior Vice President of Global Strategy

Welcome to the Decade of Vehicle 2.0

Scot Wingo

CEO & Co-Founder
Get Spiffy, Inc.

Digital Retailing: Profit & Efficiency Gains

Chris Ciccone

Director of Content and Vehicle Data

Electric Vehicle Outlook: Supply vs Demand

Cari Crane

Director, Industry Insights

Mon., August 3, 2020 – Workshop Release #1

Precision Loss Forecasting with Modular Analytics

Daniel Parry


Recruit and Retain: Talent Matters

Bruce Martin

Founder & President, Broad & Pattison Automotive Search; Advisory Board Member

U.S. Auto Sales, Financing and Used-Vehicle Insights

Mike Buckingham

Managing Director, PIN Auto Finance
JD Power

What’s Next for the Global Auto Industry?

Ryan Robinson

Global Automotive Research Leader

Masa Hasegawa

Principal, US Automotive Practice
Deloitte Consulting LLP