Part 2 Library

Friday, August 28, 2020 – Session Release #2

The Auto Intel Council Explores the Edge of Auto Innovation

Joe Overby

S&A Communications

Sharon Mancero

Wells Fargo Preferred Capital

Joe Oliveri

KAR Global

Jeremiah Wheeler


Auto Industry Venture Capital Fireside Chat - Exploring the 2020 Environment

Scot Wingo

Get Spiffy, Inc.

Jason Caplain

Bull City Venture Partners

Lister Delgado

Idea Fund Partners

Steve Greenfield

Automotive Ventures

DR: Your Direction Determines Your Destination!

Tim Cox


Wednesday, August 26, 2020 – Session Release #1

Capital, Growth, Innovation & Diversity in Automotive – An Executive Conversation

Sharon Mancero

Wells Fargo Preferred Capital

Jerry Bowen

Wells Fargo

Damon Lester

National Association of Minority Dealers

Mark Olson

PNC Bank

Driving Transparency & Consistency in Digital Retailing

Bill Zadeits

Cherokee Media Group

Andrew Tai


Rusty West

Market Scan Information Systems

How can you beat Carvana at their own game?

Anthony Monteiro